NOW Solutions

NOW Solutions has consistently entrusted us to create their branding and advertising campaigns over the years, showcasing their faith in our expertise and ability to effectively communicate their message to the target audience. Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of their brand values, we have consistently delivered impactful and successful campaigns that have strengthened their brand presence and resonated with their customers.

Client:    NOW Solutions

Industry:    Supplements/Beauty

Service:    Branding, Print, Packaging

Span:    2000-2012

NOW Personal Care logo

Natural Solutions for Health & Beauty

When creating the brand for NOW Solutions, our primary goal was to showcase their commitment to natural holistic wellness. This was achieved through a clean and minimalist design, complemented by nature-inspired imagery that effectively conveys a sense of purity, authenticity, and the numerous benefits of using natural ingredients.

NOW Personal Care logo

Elegant Typography

Typeface selection is a crucial aspect of branding as it sets the foundation for the brand's identity and reflects its values. By choosing the right typeface, a brand can convey a sense of professionalism, trustworthiness, and high quality, ensuring a strong connection with the audience.

Soft Photography

The use of soft photography in personal care creates a visually appealing and almost dreamy appearance, adding a touch of elegance and allure to the product. This technique helps enhance the perception of youthfulness, making the consumer feel more confident and rejuvenated.

Packaging That Makes A Statement

Designing their packaging as a statement involved using a clean layout, white bottles, and labels alongside striking, bright, and colorful photography. This combination created an eye-catching and visually impactful package design that jumps off the shelves and effectively communicates the product's pure and clean formulas.

Fresh Advertising

Our team specializes in creating fresh advertising that combines clean photography, compelling copy, and a focused composition. By integrating visually appealing imagery, well-crafted text, and a carefully balanced layout, we can capture the audience's attention and convey a sense of quality. This approach enables us to effectively communicate the brand's message and connect with the target market.