Orbotic Systems

With a cosmic deadline of just 4 weeks, Orbotic Systems entrusted us with the task of crafting a stellar brand, print materials, and a captivating trade show booth for their much-anticipated debut at the Space X Expo. Rising to the challenge, we delivered beyond expectations, leaving our client over the moon with our exceptional designs. Going above and beyond, we even designed mesmerizing free giveaways, ensuring that every attendee would take a piece of Orbotic Systems' interstellar innovation back to their own dimension.

Client:    Orbotic Systems

Industry:    Aerospace

Service:    Branding, Print, Event

Span:    2023-Present

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orbotic systems logo

Branding That is Out of This World

Our mission was to forge an identity that exuded cleanliness and technical prowess, while also capturing the gravity of the situation surrounding space debris. To achieve this, we carefully selected colors that symbolized both the urgency and importance of cleaning up our Earth's celestial sphere.

Brand Awareness
Born in Space

Spreading awareness about the issue of space debris is crucial and a worthwhile cause. That's why we focused on creating purposeful and eye-catching merchandise that captures attention. Our line of products, including functional and playful items like natural canvas bags with the Spaced Out logo, a collection of vibrant stickers, embroidered shirts, and other enjoyable items. These serve as both conversation starters and reminders of the importance of addressing the "space junk" problem.


Experience the unparalleled capabilities of the D3, a truly one-of-a-kind spacecraft solution. With its remarkable ability to navigate, position, and safely remove satellites from orbit, the D3 offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, completely eliminating the need for explosive rocket fuel. Discover a whole new level of efficiency and innovation with the D3, revolutionizing space operations like never before.

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