What do you do when you get a request to brand an event for NASA? You fuel your creativity and launch into hyperdrive at warp speed. Just like the childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, designers aspire to design for NASA. We turn those dreams into reality as we channel our passion and expertise to craft an extraordinary branding experience for a NASA event. Prepare for Launch.

Client:    NASA

Industry:    Aerospace

Service:    Branding, Print, Events

Span:    2023

Launching a Branded Event to New Heights

Prepare for an extraordinary journey as we launch a branded event for NASA to new heights. From meticulously crafted entry tickets to captivating brochures and handouts, our design elements will immerse attendees in the world of space exploration. With custom t-shirts, bags, and posters that showcase the wonders of the universe, we invite you to join us in an unforgettable experience as we celebrate the incredible achievements of NASA and inspire future generations to reach for the stars. The sky is not the limit, its just the beginning.

NASA event ticket

Cutting Edge

In response to the universal fascination with space, we were on a mission to develop merchandise that not only exuded NASA in a clean and creative aesthetic but also boasted functionality fit for space. We created T-shirts that come beautifully packaged in sealed space bags, perfectly tailored for the next shuttle mission. This innovative approach, as well as others we developed, offers a unique experience for space enthusiasts. Our successful mission captures the essence of exploration and ignites imaginations, leaving a lasting impact.

Coming Soon to Bedroom Walls Worldwide

Experience the wonder and curiosity that resides within all of us with our captivating NASA event posters. Designed to ignite the imagination and rekindle the excitement of space exploration, our posters capture the essence of discovery and adventure. With vibrant colors, stunning imagery, and playful designs, these posters serve as a reminder that the spirit of exploration knows no age limit.

nasa posters